Monday, October 24, 2005


10/24 - 10/28

Monday 10/24
7:00 Meet w/Fox
10:00 AR Planning
11:30 Meet w/ Student Learning
1:00 Video Conference System
2:30 Meet w/ Casey & Linda
5:30 Meet w/ Craig

Tuesday 10/25
8:30 Meet w/Telling
1:00 Meet w/Facilities
2:00 Secondary Principal's @ ESC

Wednesday 10/26
8:00 Meet w/SLIS
8:30 ITC Staff Meeting @ ESC
11:00 Meet w/ PSS
1:00 Safety @ ESC
3:00 Treo Talk @ Rusty Mug
5:00 Meeting @ Central Perk

Thursday 10/27
10:15 Meet w/ Dick
1:00 Meet w/ Dick
4:00 Admin @ Pioneer Park

Friday 10/28
8:15 SLIS @ ESC
3:00 Treo Talk @ Cutter's Point

Will We Move?
To Shaw Road?
To Aylen?
To Spinning?
Or Not...I'd like to decide before Wednesday. What else should we consider before this decision? Post a comment on this page (remember others may view this post.)

Microsoft Online:
Microsoft has really improved their software support page! Check it out and leave a comment on this page.

Open Office:
Looking for a free product for home use? Checkout this free download which in includes the Office Suite look alike components.

Quote of the Week:
He who wonders discovers that this in itself is wonder. -- M. C. Escher

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