Sunday, March 19, 2006


3/20 - 3/24

Monday 3/20
7:00 Meet w/ Fox
7:00 Boundary
7:30 Assistant Principal Interviews
4:00 Intel @ AJH
4:00 ICS @ KJH

Tuesday 3/21
7:00 Meet w/ Boundary
7:10 Wildwood Staff
8:00 Maplewood Staff
8:30 Meet w/ Ransom & Warr
2:00 Secondary Admin
4:00 Intel @ HUN
4:00 Intel @ PHS

Wednesday 3/22
7:00 Meet w/ Williamson
8:30 ITC Staff
11:00 Meet w/ Cvitanich
4:00 Intel @ SUN

Thursday 3/23
7:30 Meet w/ Cvitanichf
3:00 Zeiger Staff
4:00 Admin Meeting
4:00 Intel @ AJH
4:00 Intel @ PHS

Friday 3/24
8:15 SLIS Meeting
1:30 Meet w/ Aungst

Remove Blogger Banner
Betsy and I have been experimenting with how to remove the banner that links visitors to he next blog. I was chatting with Darren Kuropatwa (creator of Whiplash) on Skype last night (after midnight it was 2 am his time) and noticed he has a Blogspot blog without the menu bar. Now I no longer have the next blog option...I've added it to both PepTechTalk and Where's Glenn.

350 Recruits
Brenda and I spent Saturday @ RHS convincing 350 teaching recruits to make Puyallup their first choice. I remember those days of Job Search.

Quote of the Week
"Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe." ~ Abraham Lincoln

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