Monday, January 09, 2006


1/9 - 1/13

Monday 1/9
7:00 Meet w/ Fox
1:00 Meet w/ Ann McLean

Tuesday 1/10
9:30 Meet w/ Telling
1:00 Capital Projects
3:00 Meet w/ Mool

Wednesday 1/11
7:00 Meet w/ Williamson
8:00 AR Training
9:00 Meet w/ Tom Pauley
4:00 Observe Inspiration

Thursday 1/12
4:00 Lenses on Learning

Friday 1/13
6:30 Meet w/ Vetter
9:00 Post w/ Ransom

Couch Shopping
No Luck yet...Shaw road is out, Spinning is out...Riverside?
Smart Workshop ?
Let Brenda know if you'd be interested in teaching a 1.5 hour class on the SMART Fundamentals.

Required 30 minute Obserrvation for PGO
I have all required Obserrvations either completed or scheduled...Thank you!

Quote of the Week:
"Everything is something you decide to do, and there is nothing you have to do." ~ Denis Waitley

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