Monday, November 28, 2005


11/28 - 12/2

Monday 11/28
7:00 Meet w/Fox
9:30 Treo Talk @ Central Perk
11:30 Meet w/ Student Learning
1:30 Meet with SMART
5:30 Meet w/ Craig

Tuesday 11/29
8:30 Tech Bond Status
1:00 Capital Projects
1:00 Pro Dev Meet

Wednesday 11/30
1:00 Lenses on Learning
5:30 CCE @ Central Perk

Thursday 12/1
9:00 Executive Council
1:30 Monthly IT Status

Friday 12/2
8:00 Pro Dev Summit
2:00 ESC Staff Meeting
I have created an account that includes the base package (about 3,200 titles) and the AIMS Media Package. The AIMS package adds about 1,500 titles. It's an addional purchase, I'd like to know what you think..try it out and post your comments.
Comment Topic
I have been quite active on the blogs over the holiday. Take a look at my last 3 posts on PEP Tech Talk and post your thoughts on the Top 20 EduBlogs and the fast pace changes happening with technology.

Waiting for a project manager.

Quote of the Week

"For every person who wants to teach there are approximately thirty people who don't want to learn--much." ~W. C. Sellar and R. J. Yeatman

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