Monday, November 07, 2005


11/7 - 11/11

Monday 11/7
7:00 Meet w/Fox
9:00 Secretary Interviews
11:30 Meet w/ Student Learning
4:00 ICS @ KJH
5:30 Meet w/ Craig

Tuesday 11/8
8:30 Elem 22 & 23
11:00 Secertary Interviews
1:00 Capital Construction
1:00 Meet w/Roselini

Wednesday 11/9
9:00 Bond Tech Status
4:00 unitedstreaming

Thursday 11/10
8:00 PEP
12:15 Levy Training
2:00 United Way @ESC
2:30 Mozilla @ Cutters
4:00 ICS @ KJH

Friday 11/11

The Five Regions of the Future
Joel Barker was a presenter at the NECC conference. He is the creator of the term "Paradigm Shift". This is an interesting look at technology with a 50 question survey to see which Technology type you more closely align. Try it!

What is Web 2.0?
This article is lengthy but it gives a good description of what most agree about Web 2.0.

PGO Progress?
How are you doing on your PGO? Post your progress on this page this week.

Quote of the Week:

"To avoid situations in which you might make mistakes may be the biggest mistake of all."
Peter McWilliams

Brenda's PGO update: I met with Krista Scioli last week to research online databases and electronic resources used in the junior library program. We were able to confirm the use of 13 resources available to students and teachers. One of my next steps will be to log on to each to experience them and write brief descriptions of them.

Where in Washington Project Update: I have met with Jill and Carrie to determine the space and technology requirements for this project. One of the most pressing issues is transportation.

Problem 1:
The morning session begins before students could reasonably ride the bus down to ESC and be prepared for the video conference.

Problem 2: Buses for this event will require creative funding. I am working with Carrie and Jill to resolve this.

If all goes as planned, we will begin the video conference in the Evergreen Room at 9:30 a.m. on December 8th. Let me know how/if you would like to help!

Ah.... To PGO - or not PGO,
That is a question that troubles me so.

So much for the prose. I can attest that Brenda and Jeremy have been working diligently on their PGO.

Once upon a time I had a PGO form that was filled out rather intelligently. But I am afraid that, what can sometimes happen to all great thoughts, it went poof!

It will be my goal this week to recover/reclaim/redo/reinvent a PGO for Betsy.
I'm just working on the work.
Librarian Update: The number one best seller, The World is Flat," is now available to the first party that shows the slightest interest. I am now absolved of the guilt associated with taking so long to wade through it. I am anxious to start my next journey with "Small Pieces Loosely Joined."

Where in Washington Update:
Vince is paying for buses for Carrie and Jill.Woohoo! I am waiting to hear from Karen Hansen to make sure our presence has a positive impact on ESC.
I am currently trying to wade through 147 emails and I'm focusing on the Intel project first! I have put my PGO on hold for the time being because of the Intel project and its pressing needs.

I am still not done reading "Got Game" and need to get on it.

I learned a lot last week about RSS feeds and some of the capability it really has. As I get through my Intel needs I will then move on to look at some of the RSS feeds that I haven't checked in almost a week.

I also have 2 blogs that I am running to try and help me to learn the ins and outs of blogging!

Brenda starr...I am happy to hear the buses have been paid for!
Betsy read the article about Web 2.0. It took a long, long time. I have a better understanding of the internet and its history, but I am afraid I have developed some type of phobia associated with acronyms.
BBFN (Bye-Bye For Now)
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