Monday, December 12, 2005


12/12 - 12/16

Monday 12/12
7:00 Meet w/Fox
10:00 Community in Schools
11:00 Meet w/ Student Learning
5:30 Meet w/ Craig

Tuesday 12/13
8:00 B-fast w/ Fletcher
1:00 Capital Projects
2:00 Secondary Admin
4:00 unitedstreaming @KJH

Wednesday 12/14
11:00 Levy info
1:00 Meet w/Ray @ AJH
5:30 CCE @ Central Perk
Christi is 22 today

Thursday 12/15
8:00 PEP Meeting
12:30 Rapid Responder
7:00 Elders Meeting

Friday 12/16
8:00 Pro Dev Planning
8:15 SLIS Meeting
11:00 ESC Winter Party
11:30 ITC Winter Party

Project manager Ray is meeting with you on Wednesday @ 1 @ AJH.

Winter Party Choices
I have made arrangements for you to be included in the ESC winter celebration, however it's at the same time as the ITC celebration. It's your choice, however I'll be at ESC. You can also choose to go to neither.

Required Observation
I need you to initiate this mandatory 30 minute would be nice. I'd like a preconference, observation and post conference on my calendar before you leave for Winter break. Let's shoot for this to be complete 2/1/06.

Levy Informational Meeting
I need you to attend the Levy Informational meeting @ ESC on 11:00 hosted by Andrew Schwebke on 12/14. It'll be over in time for you to grab some lunch and meet with Ray @ AJH @ 1.

Reading & Posting to This Blog

I refuse to accept that you don't have 10 minutes to read and post to this blog each week, in fact I expect it, it is my weekly bulletin and an important means of communication to you each week. The other blog that would be helpful for you to read each week is PEP Tech Talk; I post to it each day of the work week.

Comment Topic

What are your thoughts of the Smart Notebook software and how easy was it to learn?

Quote of the Week
"I have never let my schooling interfere with my education."
-Mark Twain

I am excited to start using the Smart Board during our HQ meetings. I feel that the software has made some userfriendly improvements, at least, it made a lot more sense to me this time around.
I started seeing quite a few valuable uses for Smart Boards in the classrooms. I am anxious to start incorporating it into our daily routines.
Dear Glenn,

I’m having a “Blink” moment. I would like to respond to your recent post stating the expectation that the Instructional Tech Team post to the “Where's Glenn” blog regularly. After I got over feeling a bit sheepish and wondering if you were speaking directly to me, I began to think about it more globally.

You are obviously at a more advanced level when it comes to online activities such as blogging, RSS feeds, and podcasting. You are moving so fast that you may not be able to see us way back here in the dust.

I view the “Where’s Glenn” blog as your weekly informational newsletter to our team. I have made a sincere effort to post comments to the blog, but it is not my preferred method of communicating with you. I see the rest of my teammates on a daily basis, so conversations work best there.

I have spent a lot of time over the last few months investigating “The New Shape of Knowledge.” I have used the notes you provided for us during our first days back and have had some very exciting and interesting discoveries of my own. I continue to process what I am experiencing and have not yet had ample opportunities to share what I have learned with others in our group.

Perhaps that is what is missing most here—the simple act of getting together to discuss not just what we each are doing online, but what it means in the larger context of the work of our department, our district, and society. I am a verbal processor, so these focused learning conversations are essential to my ongoing professional growth.

I also find myself reflecting on one of the most important principles of my classroom practice and educational philosophy—that we need to meet people where they are. Let’s talk more about the Web 2.0 stuff and share at a deeper level how we see it impacting the work.

I hope that by the time you read this, you’ll have realized that I do read and consider the ideas presented in your blog thoughtfully.

Winston Churchill said, “It is a mistake to try to look too far ahead. The chain of destiny can only be grasped one link at a time."

I’m just moving link by link along the chain of destiny.
Seeking Roommate:
Maligned group of four seeks pork-chop-loving blog maniac to share couch. Must speak Treo Talk and have own RSS feed. Hair horseshoe preferred. Must support important work helping people who can’t find their start menus or reset projector filter times. Negative online posts chastising others a major turn-off. Strong interpersonal communication skills imperative. Apply in person. Meet over vat of salad dressing to discuss qualifications.
We had a great time working with the SMART technology on Friday. It was very user friendly and they have made more impovements in their software since the last time I had used it. We are starting to use the SmartBoard at HQ more and I am feeling more and more comfortable every time I touch the board. It would be great to use the SmartBoard to help us to teach Kidspiration and Inspiration!
The SMART training in Seattle was very valuable. It reinforced what we already understood and gave our group time to experiment and ask lots of questions. If we continue to use the SMART board on a regular basis back here at the office, we will easily master the nuances. The best part of the training was the hands-on practice where we could demonstrate our new learning. Having a SMART board in our technology classroom would be ideal.
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