Monday, January 16, 2006


1/16 - 1/20

Monday 1/16
MLK Holiday
9:30 Meet w/Saxton Bradely

Tuesday 1/17
9:00 Meet w/ Ann Allen
10:00 Meet w/ Telling
1:00 Capital Projects
6:00 Phone Calling

Wednesday 1/18
7:00 Meet w/ Williamson
9:00 Meet w/ Fletcher @ ESC
11:00 Meet w/ Micro Computer
2:00 Webinar
6:00 Phone Calling

Thursday 1/19
4:00 Kidspiration
6:00 Phone Calling

Friday 1/20
8:00 PEP
3:15 Meet w/ Dick
6:00 Phone Calling

Couch Shopping
What do you think of the idea of setting up offices in one school...Riverside and offering classes at another school Spinning? or some combination like that.

Inspiration Class
It was fabulous! I was impressed with your hard work again.

Quote of the Week:
"The least of learning is done in the classrooms."
~ Thomas Merton

Riverside. Thanks, but no thanks.

Besty aka Betsy
I think it is more important to have a permanent couch/class than to have different offices. Perhaps we can concentrate our shopping for a permanent classroom.
Just as in successful video conferencing, the key to our future is in reserving the room--the training room, that is.

One of the recommendations of the ESD in an infrastructure survey that was done a couple of years ago, was that the district invest in a permanent, dedicated technology training space.

This space would be managed by the Instructional Technology staff and open to teachers, administrators, classified staff, and even classrooms of students when available.

I still believe that the value of the ongoing training and support our department offers will be fully recognized and that the staff of the Puyallup School District will have this type of support and facility available.
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