Monday, January 30, 2006


1/30 - 2/3

Monday 1/30
7:00 Meet w/ Fox
8:00 Meet w/ Rosellinni
4:00 Intel @ SHA
6:00 Phone Calling Cancelled

Tuesday 1/31
10:00 Bond Status w/ Telling
3:00 Set up RHS
4:00 Intel @ HUN
6:00 Phone Calling

Wednesday 2/1
7:00 Meet w/ Williamson
8:00 Lenses on Learning
1:00 Meet w/ McSweeney
4:00 Intel @ SJH
4:00 Inspiration @ KJH
6:00 Phone Calling
8:30 HOG's

Thursday 2/2
9:00 Executive Council
9:00 Tech Forum
4:00 WORD @ Borders
4:00 Intel @ AJH
6:00 Phone Calling

Friday 2/3
9:00 Bandwidth Meet w/ Cvitanich
10:00 EGP Meet w/ Cvitanich
11:00 Eval Meet w/ Cvitanich
2:00 ESC Staff Meeting
6:00 Phone Calling

Couch Shopping
Brenda and I were impressed with the possibilities @ Riverside. I have spoken to Lynne, Casey, and Ray. I need to wait to hear from Nancy about her Librarian's feelings about us sharing space. Then I'll invite the rest of you to take a look...then we'll vote again. We may be getting close.

Kudos to "The Explorer"

Check out what Wesley Fryer says about Marc's blog The Explorer! The world is watching us.

Quote of the Week
"Art, like morality, consists in drawing the line somewhere." ~ G. K. Chesterton

Hey Glenn,

I really enjoyed reading Wesley Fryer's blog on school sites. I especially got a lot our of Mike Hetherington's use of Not only did he give detailed steps on how to set up a classroom blog, he also had some great comments his "A New Generation Gap: A different way of thinking in a new information environment." from 11.28.05

Also, I am very concerned about Bess Proxy. I had to turn Bess off in order to leave a comment to this post. Blogging isn't going to work if teachers and students are not allowed to leave comments.
I had to turn Bess off as well...bummer!
Well, I've now got three blogs set up, as well as an account with for my online bookmarks. I feel a little like I'm living on the edge. My biggest concern is in keeping them current, as well as continuing to contribute to and read our group's new set of blogs. I will have to figure this out as I go along.
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