Sunday, February 12, 2006


2/13 - 2/17

Monday 2/13
7:00 Meet w/ Fox
4:00 Kidspiration
4:00 Intel @ SHA
4:00 Intel @ SJH

Tuesday 2/14
7:00 Boundary Committee
8:00 Breakfast w/Fletcher
2:00 Meet w/ Berry

Wednesday 2/15
7:00 Meet w/ Williamson
8:00 Student Workstation Review
10:00 Inspiration
11:00 ITC Status
4:00 Intel @ SJH

Thursday 2/16
8:00 PEP
4:00 unitedstreaming
4:00 Admin @ Bethany Baptist
4:00 Intel @ AJH
7:00 Elders meeting

Friday 2/17
No School Mid Winter Break

NCCE debrief:
NCCE was fantastic when can we get together to share and discuss what we heard and learned? Brenda posted her thoughts on her blog and mine are posted on the NCCE blog.

Quote of the week:
Conjunction Junction, what's your function?
Hooking up words and phrases and clauses.
Conjunction Junction, how's that function?
I got three favorite cars
That get most of my job done.
Conjunction Junction, what's their function?
I got "and", "but", and "or",
They'll get you pretty far. ~ Schoolhouse Rock!

I read the NCCE blog today and found your contributions to be the most interesting. I thought it odd that it didn't get more press and that so few people contributed. Why do you think that is?
Interesting quote of the week.

Are you experiencing a flashback to the "good-old-days" sitting in front of the TV on Saturday mornings?

I read your post on Saturday and then I read Rudy's post. He is really cerebral. My mind went crazy (actually I felt kinda dumb-I didn't know half the words he used.) I had to turn off my computer for a while and chill out.

I can't wait to investigate all the cool stuff we learned about in Portland. I have been playing with Google and I really want to try out desktop video conferencing.

You must view this site:

I will be blogging about it on my post, but I want to you view it sooner.
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