Monday, February 27, 2006


2/27 - 3/3

Monday 2/27
7:00 Meet w/ Fox
1:30 ITC Status
4:00 Intel @ SJH
4:00 Meet w/ Cvitanich

Tuesday 2/28
7:00 Meet w/ Boundary
4:00 Intel @ HUN

Wednesday 3/1
7:00 Meet w/ Williamson
9:00 Meet w/ Cvitanich
1:30 Meet w/ SHA
4:00 Intel @ SHA
4:00 Intel @ SJH
4:00 Meet w/ Haugen

Thursday 3/2
9:00 Meet w/ Executive Council
4:00 Intel @ AJH
4:00 Inspiration @ KJH
4:00 Meet w/ Mool

Friday 3/3
8:00 Lenses on Learning
2:00 ESC Staff Meeting
Thoughts on Data Collection?

Quote of the Week:
Education is the best provision for old age.

Is there any news on the couch situation? Are we moving on? Have a great week!
I think we should investigate using Zoomerang to build an online survey. While we are coming up with our own evaluation criteria, why don't we work with Kevin to see what tools other districts have used/are using to evaluate SWIFT's effectiveness?
The teachers in Brenda's and my Intel class are so excited to use SWIFT. So are the teachers in Jer's and Dave's class. They can't wait to start building their own websites. Our classes are going to be full of energy this week.
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